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For most reservations we require a 20% or $150 deposit and MUST BE paid with a CREDIT CARD. If paying via wire transfer, Paypal, cash or check you will also need to supply a $250 cash deposit to drink alcohol which will be returned if the vehicle is free of spills, excessive trash and damage.

Any remaining balance that is due will be collected in CASH by the driver when the limousine arrives. In some cases we may allow you some time to collect from anyone who may be contributuing while driving to different pick-up locations. In this case, all money MUST BE PAID IN FULL before reaching your first destination. If you plan to pay your remaining balance with a CREDIT CARD, it MUST BE PAID by 3:00PM the Thursday before the weekend of your event. Any CREDIT CARDS ran the day of service will endure an additional 5% processing fee. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS will be accepted the day of service unless pre-authorized by MANAGEMENT.

GRATUITY: If gratuity is not included in the price of your trip then a 15% to 20% TIP is customary to show the driver your appreciation. Gratuity can be calculated into any quote upon request. After booking a vehicle from ROCKSTAR LIMOUSINE you will receive an email confirmation that will act as your CONTRACT. If you wish to have a written contract for your records.

TRIP ITINERARY: Trip itineraries are great, especially for WEDDINGS! If at all possible, provide a brief itinerary of the days events. Please include TIMES, NAMES & ITINERARY. This will also help your driver keep you on-time for all the events during your occasion.

ITEMS LEFT: We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANY ITEMS left in the limo at the end of your ride. If anything of value is found in the limo, we will make every attempt to contact you and hold it for as long as necessary. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to retrieve these items. We WILL NOT MAIL or DELIVER any items. You MUST come get them yourself.

DELAYS: Occasionally there are unavoidable delays due to weather, traffic or other causes. Any trip time lost for such cause may be added to the end of the run.


If your trip time runs over the contracted amount, you AGREE to permit the overtime charges to be billed to your CREDIT CARD or paid in CASH. Overtime charges vary with different vehicles, time and day of the week. Your driver will attempt to collect for overtime charges BEFORE they are incurred. If the driver cannot collect, you agree that overtime charges will be charged to your CREDIT CARD that we have on file. Overtime starts when your ride has gone longer than 15 minutes past the scheduled time and is billed in 30 minute increments.


There will be NO REFUND of ANY MONEY PAID to ROCKSTAR LIMOUSINE if your reservation was held with deposit for more than forty-eight(48) hours or 'full services' were rendered, unless otherwise 'offered' by MANAGEMENT.


We reserve the right to substitute vehicles when unforeseen circumstances make it necessary. We will, of course, notify you and make necessary price adjustments, if applicable. If our efforts to contact you fail, the substitute vehicle(s) will arrive as scheduled. It is you responsibility to accept or refuse the vehicle(s) at this time. A FULL REFUND will be given if you're not satisfied with the replacement vehicle(s), but NO RIDE will be given.


You agree to be responsible for the behavior of your guests and for damages to our vehicles due to their activities. We understand accidents happen, so typically a spill or two will not endure any additional charges. With that being said, ANY TYPE of bodily fluid; be it mucus, blood, urine, fesis, vomit, etc.; WILL endure a minimum $250 clean-up fee. This also include a "Trashed" vehicle that is excessively soiled with dirt, beverage spills, body fluids, food and the like.. This FEE is due immediately in CASH or by CREDIT CARD. Your driver will do a quick walk-through at the end of your run. If there are any damages or anything is missing, your driver will bring them to your attention right away.

- Broken or Missing Glasses Due to Roudy Behavior = $20 each
- Broken/Cracked Glass Enclosure on TV= $300
- Broken/Cracked Television = $600 

- Ripped, torn or damaged Seats/Interior Due to Standing/Fighting/Smoking= $500

Excessive damages over the above cost will be photographed and be given an estimated cost at a later date. If our vehicle incurs down time for repairs and consequent lost revenue, you agree to be responsible for such lost revenue and to permit such charges to your CREDIT CARD.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND in ALL of our vehicles! Any damages or any evidence found from smoking or tobacco use will endure a minimum $500 FEE. This includes, but is not limited to burns, stains, glassware/plastic ware and smell. NO EXCEPTIONS!

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Disorderly conduct or conduct in the judgment of the driver that hampers trip safety or jeopardizes property or persons either on or off the vehicle may be grounds for termination of the trip. We reserve the right to eject individuals from the vehicle and will do so at the sole discretion of the driver or ROCKSTAR LIMOUSINE MANAGEMENT. In such a case, the person or persons jeopardizing the trip will be dropped off at the nearest safe facility such as a police station, gas station, restaurant or the like. You agree to be fully responsible for those individuals and to hold ROCKSTAR LIMOUSINE harmless for any liability or action arising out of the ejection of party members from the vehicle for any cause whatsoever.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE: ROCKSTAR LIMOUSINE does not allow the use of ILLEGAL DRUGS of ANY KIND while riding in our vehicles. This also applies to UNDERAGE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION. If either of these instances occur you ride will be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY without refund.

Rockstar Limousine 

822 Cleveland Rd 
Ravenna, OH 

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